Nuevo Flamenco & Salsa Sounds


Sonido Sol is a salsa/flamenco/fusion band from Austin, Texas created in 2008. In a sense the band was formed as an experiment, after the creator of the band, Hector, branched out to start a new band with new ideas.

Being a graduate of SWT with a BA in Music/Sound Recording Technology Degree, Hector’s expertise allowed his mixing talents to create the “Sonido Sol Sound” via backtracks. Also, knowing latin band roots well, there were two key elements that were needed. Tumbao and Percussion. 

With the custom backtracks (tumbao,flamenco, etc..)  created, all that was needed was the percussion. Next, Danny was added as the percussionist. Danny refers to himself as simple old school player, but his extensive career proves he is a power house percussionist. His style adds the perfect edge to the Sonido Sol Sound.

With Hectors vocals and guitar, Danny’s percussion, and custom salsa/flamenco/fusion backtracks, Sonido Sol delivers in providing and full latin sound in one compact package. 

Sometimes we are referred to as the Latin White Stripes,but Sonido Sol tends to stray away from just being tagged as a duo. At times they they do incorporate other talented player when needed.

Currently we are working on a 3rd CD due out in July. The latest CD’s are free to download for a limited time. Enjoy!

God Bless.
Sonido Sol